Add Big $wift “Love Me” To Your Audiomack & Smack Playlist ASAP

Add Big $wift “Love Me” To Your Audiomack & Smack Playlist ASAP

Big $wift is back on The Ave with a brand new record titled “Love Me” equipped with a summery beat produced by Saltreze and Chilloutmarr that you can play during an upcoming Audiomack & Smack session with your significant other. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Audiomack & Smack”, it’s basically like Netflix & Chill, but the 2019 audio version. So instead of leaving episodes of Narcos on the TV while you and your person of choice canoodle like wild animals do on the discovery channel; you would be listening to $wift croon “I love how you love me, yaw, late night when we fuckin, yah” via Audiomack.

Please do try this at home and not in a random parking lot at night, however. Because you may unknowingly be within a 300 foot distance from a school and will get arrested for practicing a natural act which would be looked at as a felonious act in the eyes of the law because of your geographic location. But yea this song would be the perfect addition to the Audiomack & Smack playlist.

Listen below.


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