L.A. Juan “Westside Love Affair” Prod. DJ RTistic

L.A. Juan “Westside Love Affair” Prod. DJ RTistic

When someone is from L.A., their pride in being from the west coast is typically extremely high and bleeds into their everyday life, even their love life. Ever since Dom Kennedy came with his classic project “From The Westside With Love” in 2010 we enjoy pairing the words westside and love together. Mostly because love in L.A. is different and we feel that can adequately explain it. You can travel to the mountains and the beach in the same day, you can have incredible chicken and waffles for breakfast, delicious tacos for lunch and Morton’s Steakhouse for dinner, all these things can add up to create one special thing, a westside love affair. L.A. Juan and DJ RTistic created that can serve as the soundtrack for all those occasions; “Westside Love Affair” is smooth as butter and as fire as $100 steak.

Consume below!

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