Craigy F Wishes She “Don’t Pick Up”, But Prays She Does

Craigy F Wishes She “Don’t Pick Up”, But Prays She Does

In 2003, rapper 50 Cent purchased a home in Connecticut which formerly belonged to legendary boxer Iron Mike Tyson, or as the kids might know him the guy with the face tattoo and pet tiger in The Hangover. In 2007, 50 Cent moved out of his Connecticut mansion and put it up for sale. Since that exact day, Craigy F has been the hottest artist coming out of Connecticut, (my apologies to Snowprah).

Today, Craigy proves it yet again with “Don’t Pick Up” (produced by YZ). This is a sultry song about self-loathing where his (err the character he’s playing) subconscious is eating away him as he makes a late night call to a girl whom he repeatedly hurts and even admits he doesn’t deserve. The toxic behavior is constant, and Craigy (character) wants to stop and wishes the girl doesn’t pick up the phone, because he knows the vicious cycle will continue to come back around like a rotary phone. He hides at parties in the hills next to girls doing molly, in hopes that she’ll find him, but he also prays she doesn’t. As you can tell it’s the all to familiar battle of scorn love, wanting to run away from a person, only to sprint into their arms. It’s an incredibly moving song that will have any sweet scumbag dialed into their feelings.

Listen below.

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