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Earthgang Release”Proud of You” Feat. Young Thug & “Road to Mirrorland: So Many Feelings” Visual

There’s a saying that goes, “Silence is golden..” or something like that & in music (most of the time) it means something great is coming. We hope that’s the case for Earthgang as they’ve been preparing fans for their upcoming album “Road To Mirrorland” for quite some time. With having released a few EP’s (Rags, Robots, & Royalty) within the last year, touring the world, & hitting up Dreamville’s rap camp, fans were gifted with a new single featuring Young Thug titled “Proud Of You.”

Produced by Earthgang member Venus, the track contains a very lively feel, leaving listeners with a huge sense of pride. Said to be written as an ode for the women in their lives who continue to aspire for the best within themselves & others, the appreciation is surely felt & should continue to be spread.

As Earthgang continues their journey on the road to their album, they hit up Cartoon Network to premiere their animated visual “Road to Mirrorland: So Many Feelings.” Directed by Tristan Zammit, viewers are taken into a world traveled by Venus & Doc as they maneuver through their feelings. Speaking on being used, pushing the envelope, & being overwhelmed at times, emotions that flood our lives can be draining. Yet as seen in the video sometimes all one needs is helping hand to get back up, that hand can become Earthgang if it isn’t already. Stream & watch their releases below!

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