Jalopy Bungus – “No Promises” Prod. By Crust Official Music Video

Jalopy Bungus – “No Promises” Prod. By Crust Official Music Video

Samson is now a week away from its release, February 22nd, put that on your calendar. Jalopy Bungus has elevated to claim his rightful throne while putting an immense amount of pressure on those who wish failure upon him. The Phoenix artist already instated a full court press with the release of  “The 2nd Plague”. Keeping that same sense of coercion he drops off the visual to “No Promises”. This song serves as an anthem to all who are mindful and understanding of the power behind his words. The story of Samson is a theme that obviously will be spoken about throughout the project, hence the title.

Crust is behind the beat on the track, he creates a soundscape that implores seriousness. This is the perfect setup for the context and approach taken on the track. Bungus keeps it short, his verse lasting less than a minute. More is said in that minute than majority of rappers could get out in a 64-bar record. “Used to know me by the dreads / now they know me by the pick”, this correlates to the story of Samson in which Samson’s hair was known to hold power. Bungus is proud and powerful even with his hair at a picking length. “Never kneel unless you play the fucking anthem”, another short line with an incredible amount of value. I could break down each line, not even each bar, and still be able to write a paragraph for each speculating behind it’s meaning.

This is Rosecrans, not Genius so I’ll spare you all that. Nevertheless the point is unarguable that Jalopy Bungus has a Herculean sized mind. Putting greater purpose into his passion is what seems to separate him from the pack. The visual itself is even symbolic, directed by Dylan Toon and himself. For the duration Bungus is imprisoned, held with a blade to his neck as a circle of enemies harass him. The script is flipped in the end as he silences his oppressors leaving them all dead. Samson. Next week.


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