2Eleven – “The Level Up” EP

2Eleven – “The Level Up” EP

The Level Up Store is owned by artist 2Eleven & sits off Centinela Boulevard in the city of Inglewood. Within, you can find Members Only clothing, along with a handful of other name brands. A location that has been the setting of a few music videos as of late & is now the name of said artists latest EP.

The Level Up” contains seven tracks with a handful of known talents such as Sean Mackk, Rucci, Ackrite, King Riko, Lil Duece, $tupid Young, Hot Sauce, Nfant, & Lil Freaky. All gas no breaks! The tape begins with a shout out to the late Sean Mackk & dives into a story by Eleven of having to put out multiple plays. Artists Hot Sauce & Ackrite come in with their own pieces of having to ride down that Interstate.

From speaking on the bad b*tches in their presence over a g-funk beat on “Fuck on You” to tapping into a sound that’s a bit darker & realer on “Now & Later,” the project contains an abundance of sounds that can be looked at as a representation of the leveling up the city is currently witnessing through music. It can also be looked at as a well deserved co-sign from 2Eleven as he watches & aids the talents flourish. Stream “The Level Up” below!

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