Nick Grant – “Freestyle S2 Cypher” Visual Shot by Josh Gonzalez

Nick Grant – “Freestyle S2 Cypher” Visual Shot by Josh Gonzalez
Photo shot by Josh Gonzalez (@Joshygonz on Insta)

Problem is always up to something & as we’ve witnessed before with his handful of drops before actually gifting fans with “S2,” it’s always something good. Today he stops by the Avenue with artist Nick Grant for his “Freestyle S2 Cypher” which also happens to close out “The Way I Did/Ratchet Love” track on the album. Over a Cypress Moreno production & the subtle sound of rain, Grant showcases his flow in front of a liquor store with a cameo from Problem himself all shot by Josh Gonzalez. Although the track isn’t long since it is just a cypher, it contains plenty of substance & allows the listener to focus on what Grant is delivering. Watch & share below!

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