Jalopy Bungus – “February 22nd (The 2nd Plague)” Prod. By VerbBoutThat

Jalopy Bungus – “February 22nd (The 2nd Plague)”  Prod. By VerbBoutThat

Jalopy Bungus is set to drop his first project since the 2017 showcase of unlimited potential on Thingz 4 Certain. A 12-track proclamation to his credible image as a symbolic lyricist. The Phoenix rapper has established himself as one of the best to ever do it coming out of Arizona. That’s not an exaggeration either, this dude can rap. This has been proven countless times in rap battles with huge crowds in attendance. Which only enhances the weight his released music holds.

Samson will release February 22nd and he’s coming right at rappers faking their lifestyles’ necks. If you fall into that category you might want to hide on the 22nd or you will be judged. “The Second Plague” is the single dropped in celebration of the upcoming project. Serving first as a warning and secondly a recollection of his journey up until this point. VerbBoutThat puts the solid production behind his powerful lyrics that instill the authenticity behind the artist. Samson‘s coming February 22nd.


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