Chester Watson – “Time Moves Slower Here” Prod. ShunGu

Chester Watson – “Time Moves Slower Here” Prod. ShunGu

Chester Watson has come a long way since his early days, four to five years ago. Perfecting his already pristine rhymes and separating his style completely from everyone else. Abstract approach but lyrics that hold weight even in the shortest of lines.  “Time Moves Slower Here” is his latest single ahead of the highly anticipated release of A Japanese Horror Movie. 

A temperate, jazz-infused beat produced by ShunGu compliments Chester’s extremely mellow delivery of his verse. Only a little over a minute and thirty seconds, words of thought fill listeners ears from the jump. More proof that the POW Records’ artist is more than just an average rapper.  GaijinIsntPhysical shot and edited a visual for the recent record representing its sound to the full effect.


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