KB Devaughn Releases “Saturday” Music Video

KB Devaughn Releases “Saturday” Music Video

KB Devaughn never fails to bring his story to life within his music & he carries that theme into his visuals as well. In the visual for his latest release “Saturday” viewers are taken through a chill day with Devaughn & the homies, along with the perspective of a day with the mother of his child. Shot by Goldby7, the Antdawg production brings a soulful tune for Devaughn to express the complications that come with the pursuit of music, while also awaiting the blessings that come with having a child. Adamant that he’s going to make it, the visual ends on a sweet note of the two coming together with the realization that as long as he has his day one’s life will be just fine. Watch & share the visual below!

Irene Guerrero

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