Kyd Represents The South Side Of Phoenix With The Release Of “Tap In”

Kyd Represents The South Side Of Phoenix With The Release Of “Tap In”

Phoenix’s rap scene consists of many different sounds and multitudes of overlooked talent. It’s hard to pin a specific sound for the area, each artist holds a unique style or at least the ones worthy of attention do. Kyd comes from the south side and portrays this heavily through his music and image. Identity is an important factor to him and it shows in the way he carries himself. Last year he put together his first project, Still which featured eight solid records and acted as an introduction to the emerging artist.

Tap In is his second and most recent project. Released in the middle of January, this is Kyd’s affirmation of his portrayed identity that we were introduced to on Still. There is no shame or boundaries surrounding his craft, he is experimental in his beat selection and flow with all five records on this project. Production from Zona, Loecc, Otsfio, and himself capture the execution to the story of self and environment. Beats ranging from laid back to vibrant, abstract to structured. All in which mirror the subject matter that he speaks on like it’s looking us right back in the face.

Lyrics tell the tale of the rapper who has seen the love and the hate that is rooted in his community. The real and the fake who he’s come across; those who will ride for him under any circumstance are praised with his words. His reflection and confidence in his identity is what makes his lyricism stick. Only few can establish credibility through versatility as well as Kyd. This is only just a glimpse of what is to come. With a bonus version of the project on the way, anticipation for the next chapter is in high demand.


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