Earl Sweatshirt – “Nobody, Nowhere” Short Film

Earl Sweatshirt – “Nobody, Nowhere” Short Film

Earl Sweatshirt has released a new short film directed by Naima Ramos-Chapman and Terrence Nance titled Nobody, Nowhere. The short film features songs from Earl’s amazing 2018 album Some Rap Songs which came out towards the end of the year and something I was anticipating a lot. He definitely delivered and this short film continues to show the creativity that Earl has, including songs like “Nowhere2go”, “Red Water”, “Shattered Dreams”, and “Azucar”, Earl tries to paint a picture and show some shocking imagery through his film. There’s definitely a presence fatherhood in this, with Earl’s father having passed away at the beginning of last year. Earl shows a bit of it at the beginning when coaching a kid’s basketball team and defending his players when the referee made a bad call, as they often do. It’s definitely worth watching multiple times in order to catch everything, so go ahead and watch it below.

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