Joey Fatts – “Chipper Jones 4” Prod. By Matt Bricks Official Video

Joey Fatts – “Chipper Jones 4” Prod. By Matt Bricks Official Video

Chipping season is upon us as Joey Fatts returns with the fourth record in his “Chipper Jones” series. Cutthroat’s CEO has made full length Volumes in the saga prior. Which allows listeners to suspect another Volume on the way and the song serving as just a preview. That’s what we’re hoping for at least. There is no question that Fatts’ has done nothing less than put his life experiences and emotion directly into all of his work. Each Chipper Jones project has painted the picture of everyday life in Long Beach. Fatts’ for that matter has lived an extraordinary life and his story has inspired many over the years. Hall Of Famer just like Chipper Jones.

Back with a vengeance on “Chipper Jones 4”, he displays lyrics that define the code he lives by and delivers them with a sincere demeanor. This is nothing new for Fatts’ he just had to shut up those that forgot. He slides smoothly over the illustrious Matt Bricks production that pairs directly with the straightforwardness in all aspects of the record. With a visual to put even more emphasis on what time it is, Cutthroat is back in full effect 2019. This is just the beginning. Get right and watch the visual below.


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