Blueface Recruits YG For His “Thotiana Remix” (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Blueface Recruits YG For His “Thotiana Remix” (Directed by Cole Bennett)


Blueface is back with a brand new remix to his hit record “Thotiana” featuring his ratchet predecessor YG. The pairing of the two might seem odd to some because of the generational gap and their perceived conflicting gang affiliations. However, the duo did their thing in collaborating on one of the most ratchet songs of all time. Blueface’s verse stays the same while YG (oddly) raps on beat (seems like he didn’t get the memo). Blueface also gives YG a tutorial on the meat show dance, and it appears YG is still in the novice stage of his development. Nevertheless, this song will still go up in the rafters and be inducted as a first ballot entry into the Ratchet Hall of Fame. Thotiana will be placed next to Joe Moses “I Do It For The Ratchets”, Tyga’s “Rack City”, YG’s “Toot It & Boot It”, and who can forget Problem’s “D2B” among other ratchet anthems of yesteryear.

Watch the Cole Bennett directed video below.


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