1TakeJay “ZeZe Remix” Prod. by Mike Crook Shot by REALMOVIE

1TakeJay “ZeZe Remix” Prod. by Mike Crook Shot by REALMOVIE

1TakeJay‘s “ZeZe Remix” was loved from the start when the snippet of the track first went viral via Jay’s social media. Now the Mike Crook production has been blasted throughout the city, performed countless times, & has a visual to go along with it. Shot by REALMOVIE, the visual opens with Jay surrounded by fine a** women as they twerk along to the beat. As Jay playfully plays along to the beat with a mini guitar, he warns listeners if they ‘ef around they might get robbed. After watching the video one will find that phrase to be true as masked members of the 1TakeBoyz pull up & do what seems to be an innocent man dirty. As the visual ends, there’s a bit of commentary from REALMOVIE & Jay as they discuss an accident that occurred after leaving the set. Watch & share the visual below!

Irene Guerrero

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