Viva Mescal’s “Mi Vida Nueva” Is Fire Foo

Viva Mescal’s “Mi Vida Nueva” Is Fire Foo

East Los Angeles artist Viva Mescal‘s new video for “Mi Vida Nueva” is fire foo. I had to get that cliché colloquial phrase out of the way since it’s not every day I write about a dope new Mexican artist from L.A., but today is that day. His new video for “Mi Vida Nueva” (Directed by Moises Israel) is very impressive. He proudly displays his culture of pan dulce, hot cheetos, nopales, spending time with women with sharpie drawn eyebrows, chilling with cholos, house parties and other fun past times in a tasteful manner. Aside from the well executed visual, the song itself is very enjoyable. Mescal’s passionate and hopeful lyrics can uplift you on your worst day.

Watch below.


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