Betchua Dog and Your Homegirl Too, Aye

Betchua Dog and Your Homegirl Too, Aye


Baltimore’s Shordie Shordie has a fucking BOP on his hands (and your homegirl too, aye). Shordie initially made a name for himself as a part of the Baltimore rap trio Peso Da Mafia, with group members Lor Dee (his brother) and Purp (his cousin), but now looks to further his career as a solo act.

Since the moment I watched this video and heard this song about two weeks ago I have thought about it nearly every day, several times a day (and your homegirl too, aye). The entire two minute experience was captivating to say the least (and your homegirl too, aye).  Shordie’s playfully misogynistic lyrics mixed with a raw melodic sound caught my attention immediately (and your homegirl too, aye). From an L.A. perspective, it wouldn’t be farfetched for someone to say Shordie sounds sounds similar to 03 Greedo mixed with AzChike on “Betchua”. However, his content is masterfully clever and completely unique to him, as well as the genius dance move he’s doing in the video which I’m stealing all 2019. The self proclaimed Captain Hook is one of my new favorite artists going into 2019, as I’m excited to see what he will produce next (and your homegirl too, aye).

Watch below.

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