Although Ketchy The Great Is Incarcerated, He Manages To Dish Out ‘Free Sauce’

Although Ketchy The Great Is Incarcerated, He Manages To Dish Out ‘Free Sauce’

Ketchy The Great is one of L.A.’s most versatile new acts and undoubtedly one of the best vocalists in the city. What’s been most impressive about Ketchy is his ability to fully comprehend how to use his gravely voice as an instrument to get his aggressively dark content across effectively. Since his breakout single, “If I Go Broke” where he famously proclaimed, “If I go broke I’m selling my hoe tonsils” he was heralded as one of the best new artists in Los Angeles underground rap scene. He continued his hot streak by lacing Shoreline Mafia‘s underground hit “Spaceship” with a menacing hook one can never grow tired of hearing while riding in their vehicle. The Stinc team member always shined alongside his fellow squad members Drakeo The Ruler and Ralfy The Plug on songs like “Pippy Long Stockin”, but he really really turned the corner on his multiple appearances on 03 Greedo‘s “The Wolf Of Grape Street”. It’s extremely unfortunate Ketchy was unable to build off the hype he received after appearing on a major label release because he’d been incarcerated two months beforehand.

Ever since Ketchy’s incarceration, L.A.’s underground scene has exploded; 03 Greedo was recognized as superstar before his unfortunate sentencing to 20 years in a Texas prison on drug charges. Shoreline Mafia has toured nationally as a headlining artists and booked at multiple festivals. While other contemporaries like 1TakeJay, AzChike, Rucci were booked for Rolling Loud L.A. in 2018. And most surprisingly, a 22 year old artist by the name of Blueface who may or may not have been influenced by Drakeo and The Stinc Team’s music, is flirting with national notoriety, rivaling the rapid rise of viral internet artists like Lil Pump and Tekashi69.

What Ketchy can do from behind the walls is obviously extremely limited. However, he did manage to direct his consigliere Parsa of Kosmic Clothing (who designed the artwork as well) to upload a new project, ‘Free Sauce’ which is a collection of his best, previously unreleased songs. Free Sauce boasts an impressive feature list, as there are records with Shoreline Mafia, Ralfy The Plug, Desto Dubb, Bambino and three records with the living legend 03 Greedo. The project also features production from HitMob members JoogFTR, RonRon, LowTheGreat as well as Paupa and more. Although Ketchy is incarcerated, he was able to unleash the sauce.

Listen below. FREE KETCHY.

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