Problem – “I’m Cool” Music Video Dir. by Josh Gonzalez

Problem – “I’m Cool” Music Video Dir. by Josh Gonzalez

Fans of Problem are aware of the talent he holds when it comes to lyrics, whether he’s bragging lightly, telling a story, or wanting listeners to learn from his experience; he lays it all onto the track effortlessly. It’s no different when it comes to his track “I’m Cool” off his recent “S2” project where he takes listeners through a reflective walk in his shoes. Opening with a scene of him playing the keys, he thinks of his past while speaking on passing up on certain relationships. As he’s focused on his wins & collecting that cash, distractions will no longer get the same attention as before. “A n***a like the hustle, more than I’m liking you…” Watch the dope visual below!

Irene Guerrero

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