Xavier – “Groundhog Day” Prod. by Don Alfonso

Xavier – “Groundhog Day” Prod. by Don Alfonso

Xavier hits the Avenue with his latest track “Groundhog Day” that has little to do with the actual holiday & seems to be a slight play on the popular movie that one was sure to catch on TV when growing up. Depending on one’s age of course, before the necessity of cell phones & when kids actually played outside. (hehe) Xavier gives off his age a bit, or maybe he loves classic things like the rest of us as he taps into his lyrics with clever lines with classic Nickelodeon cartoons. Produced by Don Alfonso, the track is fire & catchy in the best of ways as it contains a few tips as well as motivation for all who hear. “Everything the same, Pinky & The Brain…” speaking on making it to the top, the days may seem repetitive but the steps taken towards one’s goals are surely useful. Listen & share the track below!

Irene Guerrero

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