Kee Riche$ – “Closer To My Dreams”

Kee Riche$ – “Closer To My Dreams”

Just when one thinks Kee Riche$ couldn’t get any more transparent with his fans, he gets his hands on “Closer To My Dreams” & takes listeners through one emotional ride. As the classic instrumental comes in, the touching voice of Riche$ tells the story of a mind that has seen too much. At a young age the consequences of the street life were strongly apparent & although he was taught to stray from it, sometimes it just can’t be helped. Taking inspiration from the LA legends that were popping while he was growing up, Riche$ knew he was a Prince in the making as he got closer to his dreams.

Pulling on the heartstrings of listeners while telling his story comes naturally to Riche$, it’s not to boast or gloat. Although everyone is raised within different circumstances, he prides himself on being able to uplift & inspire those who can relate even if it’s not completely, & it’s safe to say this track embodies that. The will to survive & provide for the ones he loves along with searching for happiness is a major factor, & we’re grateful to be witnessing his journey unfold here at Rosecrans. Listen & share the track below.

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