Houston’s Doeman & Maxo Kream Connect for “Southside Kings”

Houston’s Doeman & Maxo Kream Connect for “Southside Kings”

Houston’s Doeman and Maxo Kream connect for the undeniably dope “Southside Kings”. The two southern Houston staples bring both the barrio and the hood together and absolutely rip DJ Nobody‘s instrumental with menacing bars. The intro of the record samples the classic 90’s film “Blood In Blood Out” where Montana (head of La Onda) says “blacks and chicanos killing each other, that’s what they want, that’s how they run this place, once we get together, they don’t run shit” which still holds incredibly true to this day. And as you can see it even translates to the rap world as Doeman and Maxo united in the studio and proceeded to murder this record in cold blood.

Look out for the video for this record to be released very soon (Directed by Outkast Marcoss) and Doeman’s forthcoming project “Barrio God II”.

Listen below.




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