Boogie – “Silent Ride” Music Video

Boogie – “Silent Ride” Music Video

Boogie has kept fans on the edge of their seats waiting for new music, or new anything for that matter. It’s even gotten to the point where fans have begun direct messaging his tour DJ & although we’re sure the release of things is out of his hands, we’ve finally got some new info. On January 8th Boogie tweeted that his album will be titled “Everythings For Sale” & will be released on January 25th! That’s not all we’ve got though!

The very next day music fans were blessed with his single “Silent Ride” & a music video soon after. As the instrumental for the track slowly creeps in, so does the voice of Boogie as individuals are seen dressed in black & white. Boogie is then lifted from a tub of water as if being baptized & makes his way through a dark garden into a house. As the color of his clothes change along with the setting he raps, “I been dying, I been fighting, Got this voice in my mind won’t be quiet..” Watch & share the dope visual below!


Irene Guerrero

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