TSwish – “My Nigca” Prod. by Saltreze

TSwish – “My Nigca” Prod. by Saltreze

Why they wanna be like me?’ is the question that TSwish is asking within his latest track & it’s something that may never get an honest answer. Over a Saltreze production, “My Nigca” carries a dope beat the ladies can turn up to but the topics of having that sort of fun don’t come in until later. Swish leads listeners within his flow speaking on his hood & the hustle mentality that’s within himself & the ones surrounding him.  A track that is motivational, to say the least, & straight bumps giving one that slight push to confidently make big moves. Listen at high volume below!

Irene Guerrero

Twitter/Insta: @GigglesIrene "Makin' my wishes come true with no genie, man."

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