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1TakeQuan – “Say So” Feat. 1TakeTeezy & Kalan.frfr Prod. by Nye.Six

1TakeQuan is one of the talents that is full of surprises! Listeners never know what tone of Quan they’re going to get but one thing is for sure, we all tune in because it’s always fire. On his latest track “Say So” he grabs the homies 1TakeTeezy & Kalan.frfr to deliver over a Nye.Six production that holds a soothing melody for the trio to collab on. Quan opens the track with a calm yet still manages to talk his sh*t, Kalan carries the chorus with his vocals, while Teezy delivers on his verse representing 1TakeBoyz effortlessly. Letting listeners know there are no distractions, whether it be the undeniable hate or the b*tches that want more than they deserve; it’ll all be handled the way they see fit. Listen & share the track below!

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