Detroit 2 Inglewood, The Hardbody Highway

Detroit 2 Inglewood, The Hardbody Highway

Without a doubt the Detroit and California connection is great for the rap game. There is no question that Inglewood’s own Ice Burgandy has made himself a name in the rap community, as a former Bricksquad associate. However, he continues to produce quality records to this day. On “Detroit 2 Inglewood” Ice spews cold bars like “I just went and got 2 off, she just snorted a whole 8 ball now she Rudolph”. Drego & Beno had one helluva 2018 and they are not stopping as they keep dropping fire tracks on a consistent basis. Bandgang Lonnie is another artist out of Detroit that is surfing back and forth between Detroit and The LAnd making waves in part due to his collaborations with his R Baron brothers from Shoreline Mafia. Needless to say this collaboration is extremely fire as the artists create a hardbody highway out of stone cold bars from Detroit to Inglewood.

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