Big $wift and AzBenzz Making Their Mark on the LA Music Scene with Gudda$wift

Big $wift and AzBenzz Making Their Mark on the LA Music Scene with Gudda$wift

The LA music scene is rapidly growing before our eyes, and it’s truly a sight to see. Up until last year, we were below the radar with hidden gems just waiting to shine. Big $wift and AzBenzz happen to be some of those diamonds in the rough that were being slept on. Now, LA is making its way back to the top with a wave that’s almost impossible not to ride.

‘Gudda$wift’ is the latest joint project from the two, who are both based in Downey, CA. Big $wift’s catchy lyrics and melodic flow go hand in hand with AzBenzz’s hypnotizing vocals. After linking up earlier this year, the duo continued to make their mark on the city’s music scene. Tracks like “I Feel It” and “Now or Never” proved that $wift and Benzz were a collaborative force to be reckoned with. Now, they’re back with an entire tape and the streets are extremely appreciative.

Photo by Christy Kim

Majority of the project is produced by LA based producer Saltreze, who is also making himself known within today’s music community. Features from RobTwo & AzSwaye make songs like “Missed Em” and “Yousa Freak” even more enjoyable and fun to listen to. Gudda$wift is full of tracks that will, without a doubt, have you feeling yourself to the highest degree. “How Can I Not?” does just that. With lyrics like “How can I not bust down my wrist?” you’ll be sure to be interrogating yourself in no time. While “Games” is probably the song you’d wanna send to the person in your life who’s playing with your emotions.

Moral of the story is, whether you’re having relationship problems or just feel like flexing on your haters, this tape has a song for every single mood. After this drop, I think we can all agree that we’re eager to hear what else Big $wift and AzBenzz have in the vault.

Listen to the full project below and click here to listen to an exclusive interview with AzBenzz & Big $wift on Rosecrans Radio.



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