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AzChike – “Tweaking” Feat. AzSwaye Prod. by MarvelMayne

As members of the AzCult continue to shine brightly as the year ends, AzChike & AzSwaye have come together over a Marvel Mayne beat & the energy it contains is fire!! With the calm-cool & collected tone that Chike carries, he’s nonchalant about his growing popularity that leads to women being obsessed. Swaye delivers with his strong tone letting listeners know that the duo will always be taking a stand to all bullsh*t that comes their way. As they respond to each other throughout the track, their confidence flows well & is a vibe that fans never get tired of hearing from the two. Stream “Tweaking” below!

About Irene Guerrero

Twitter/Insta: @GigglesIrene "Makin' my wishes come true with no genie, man."

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