The Grinch Who Leaked SZA’s Secret Album

The Grinch Who Leaked SZA’s Secret Album

As I scroll down my timeline, I’m graced by casual funny tweets and a few lyrics from my fellow followers. Then, I stumbled upon something that I knew for sure was a joke, prank, or anything that falls within that category. “SZA DROPPED A NEW ALBUM UNDER THE ALIAS SISTER SOLANA” is what the tweet read. Of course, being the troll-proof person that the internet has groomed me to be, I immediately dismissed this as a plot to get retweets and possibly a response from Solana herself. After extensive amounts of investigating, I found this “new sza album” that I was certain was fake. I typed “Sister Solana” into the search bar on Apple Music and sure enough, there it was. Still skeptical, yet extremely eager, I played the first song. Yes, it was actually Sza. I went to her actual twitter account for more verification, where she expressed that the album was “big cap”, but, it was indeed old scraps and throwaway songs from 2015. Although we’re completely unaware of who leaked the album *cough*sza*cough*, we’re still grateful for the leak.

The faux-album has 3 features from Kendrick Lamar, who on the track list, is referred to as “King Kenny”. Not a dead give away, right? The album also has features from Isaiah Rashad and Jay Rock on a song called Heroin. I’m assuming there weren’t anymore aliases left for them, because they aren’t listed on the track list, but it’s definitely a pleasant surprise for your ears. The intro song, Lack of Better Words, begins instantly with vocals from King Kenny as they describe why they can’t explain their current situations because of the lack of better words, over a slight, easy-going reggae beat. Pretty relatable if you ask me. If you’re a music lover like me, you appreciate a good collab, and Kendrick & SZA never fail to execute when it comes to joint tracks.

The album is also accompanied by a Come & See Me remix, which has been out for a couple years, yet, most people figured out who SZA was only about a year ago. After dropping her debut album, CTRL, I’m sure Ms. Rowe would have a much more intricate rollout for her second-coming album, so this is definitely a hoax. Nevertheless, these are still SZA songs, but they in fact are not new. Whether you’ve been a SZA fan since See.SZA.Run or you found out who she was from The Weekend, this album is a great listen for any fan on the spectrum.


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