AzSwaye – “Birds Of A Feather” Prod. by RyanMC

AzSwaye – “Birds Of A Feather” Prod. by RyanMC

As the saying goes ‘birds of a feather flock together’ which pretty much means those with similar interests can be found together. As AzSwaye continues to kick these birds of his neck, it’s really only a matter of until he starts to give names with no remorse. With unique cover art & the title of “Birds Of A Feather” one may think that Swaye was going to call out all the birds in an angry manner, although he does, he does so in a more subtle tone than usual. As calm as ever he simply says ‘I can never fall in love with a b*tch.’ The smooth RyanMC production allows Swaye to vent & be his therapy in a way. Stream the track below!


Irene Guerrero

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