Lil’ Baby Suplex Releases “My Life Is In Shambles”

Lil’ Baby Suplex Releases “My Life Is In Shambles”

Lil’ Baby Suplex has been stopping by every week with his #MONDAYNIGHTSUPLEX releases & today he finally brings us his long-awaited “My Life Is In Shambles” project. Said to be “A collection of older songs built to touch your soul…” Suplex speaks on finding oneself, moving through the motions of life, & the emotions that toil with one’s inner demons.

For production, Suplex grabs Trex, Brall, Kap Palance, FishNarc, HitMVN, Nightmare Nasty for the perfect sound that matches the rollercoaster of life’s thoughts that Suplex describes.  As heard in his most recent releases such as “Sorry” & “As I Am,” it carries a mix of catchy guitar riffs & trap-like drums allowing Suplex to express himself with ease. Portraying the emotions of sadness & frustration perfectly that allows listeners to realize that it’s okay to not be okay while searching for purpose. A project that can be relatable for most on so many levels, stream it yourself below!

Irene Guerrero

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