The Alchemist – “E Coli” ft. Earl Sweatshirt

The Alchemist – “E Coli” ft. Earl Sweatshirt

Veteran rap producer The Alchemist has linked up with the man of the hour, Earl Sweatshirt, to bring us a new single, “E. Coli“, for Alchemist’s upcoming Bread EP dropping on Friday. The song couldn’t have come at a better time than now, with the Romaine Lettuce E. coli recall going on, but also Earl just keeps dropping heat this year. The man does not seem to fail, and along with Alchemist’s smooth beat, it’s just that much more apparent that they’re both at the top of their game. Apparently this song had been out for a while as a live version but the full verse was never heard nor was a studio quality version ever released, until now. Make sure to listen below.

Irene Guerrero

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