Prince Kofi Releases “5 Years in LA”

Prince Kofi Releases “5 Years in LA”

With having stopped by the Avenue a handful of times throughout the past year we hope that the name Prince Kofi rings a bell or two for most, whether it is from his guest features or premiering his own visuals. Now as the years last quarter is almost at its end, he’s released his debut mixtape titled “5 Years in LA.”


With 8 tracks all Mixed by Crook, the project features his first two released singles “Gimmie A Reason” & “Have A Party” (Abysinnian Gold & Collin Duh). Both of which showed the different energy that Kofi is capable of bringing, from his serious tone of taking charge to then letting lose to have a good time.

When one begins the project, Kofi hops right into “Tha Intro,” hitting listeners with his slightly fast-paced flow on his strong desire to prosper within music. Setting the groundwork for the tracks that follow letting listeners know of his upbringing before settling down in Los Angeles, hence the project title.

A bold move at best, especially with the negativity that comes to those who are deemed as ‘outsiders’ of The LAnd. Kofi is different though, with having been here 5 years, he’s not one to bad mouth a very important part of his journey.
“[The title is a] mix of explaining where the influence & reflection of the project comes from, some of the people I’ve grown close to are pillars in the current LA underground. (i.e Rucci, Kee Riche$, BassSquad Black Bossmann etc.) Within 5 years the way everything has panned out has allowed me to work with & learn from some of the best in the game.”

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With that being said his statements hold lots of truth. Containing production from Paupa throughout, alongside producers Kayoe, FlyguyVeezy, & Supreme Tyler who have lent a hand as well. Features from artists BassSquad Black, J-Mack, & Skeme, the Los Angeles influence & aid is easily seen & heard.

As we jump back into the mixtape, “Wait A Minute” holds features from Skeme & J-Mack. With a catchy repetitive chorus, it also covers the slight darkness of fighting one’s inner demons. As Skeme & J-Mack go back & forth with clever lines on how business is handled in certain sections, the track paints vivid pictures so listeners are able to walk through the shoes of the artist.

“Storytelling is big for me,” Kofi tells Rosecrans. “In West Africa, it’s the way lessons are learned things are taught, & I also was raised off Motown music… I’ve also wanted to be more transparent, talk to the fans but talk to myself, music is my therapy you feel me? I just hope one person [or] maybe three can connect to any record I drop, & hear or feel their own soul within my story.”

As the album comes to a close, lovers of oldies wouldn’t be able to miss the classic “Love Come Down” sample that is used on “High Come Down.” As Kofi continues to be transparent & relatable with his listeners, sometimes coming down off a high is a part of life.

Shot by @BelieveInMister

“[Its] like the person who always kill ya high, whether you smoking or having a good day. It was something that I felt people would be able to play on some playful shit, on some man someone on my nerves type shit, & just play as a part of their lifestyle.”

5 Years in LA” is a testament of the first steps Kofi has taken while being in Los Angeles. With plenty of stories, personal insight, & support from artists within the LA underground music scene, it’s a small sign of Kofi stepping in the right direction.

“[The title is] not even a humble boast, it’s really just something to remind myself like, ‘if you’ve been able to make it here in just 5 years, you gotta keep the pressure on they neck, ya foot on the gas, in the next 5 you gotta grow even more than you did in the first 5.'” With that, Prince Kofi gifts music fans his mixtape. Listen & share your favorite tracks below.


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