Earl Sweatshirt Announces New Album “Some Rap Songs”

Earl Sweatshirt Announces New Album “Some Rap Songs”

Earl Sweatshirt has released a couple of singles in the past few weeks, and many were speculating on whether his newest long awaited album was finally on its way. With the release of his newest single “The Mint” earlier today, he also took the time to announce that his newest album would be titled Some Rap Songs and would come out on November 30th, just in time for the holidays. I’ve been following Earl since his Odd Future days and I’m glad he’s doing his own thing now and pushing the sound of rap even further with different instrumentals but still with the same great bars he’s known to put into his songs. Definitely looking forward to this one. If you are too, definitely go pre-order it on his website. He has a lot of different bundles you can buy it with in case you want a couple shirts too.

He also got a billboard on Pico and Cochran.

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