Ari Lennox Releases “No One” & “Pedigree”

Ari Lennox Releases “No One” & “Pedigree”

We continue to be blessed with the sweet vocals of Ari Lennox as she drops not one, but two more tracks tonight! As we begin with track “Pedigree” that’s produced by DJ Grumble that contains a more upbeat feel with great instrumentation. Mixed with the sweet vocals of Lennox, the track is sure to become a new favorite for fans.

As we move onto “No One” that starts with a unique tone, the track falls into Lennox’s vocals right away as she begins to tell a story of feeling alone. With production from Koja, Hollywood JB, & Los Hendrixx, the track contains a lot of emotion full of realization of what is lacking in communication. (A personal new favorite.) Listen to both tracks now on your favorite streaming service!

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