Ari Lennox Releases “40 Shades of Choke” & “Grampa”

Ari Lennox Releases “40 Shades of Choke” & “Grampa”

Dreamville’s vocalist Ari Lennox just released two new tracks in preparation for her EP that is rumored to be released before the end of the year. With fans already having heard & enjoyed her first single “Whipped Cream,” her announcement via Twitter for new music was a great surprise.

Within “40 Shades of Choke,” a Meloxtra production that contains a smooth sensual vibe as Lennox’s vocals come in beautifully. As she sings of how nice it would be to be loved, she also adds how she’d enjoy some hands around her throat.

As we move onto the second track “Grampa” that is produced by Dreamville affiliate Elite, Lennox speaks on wanting to spend time with someone special. With a dope lively feel, Lennox enjoys her time alone but also wouldn’t mind staying up with someone who she believes is worth it.

Lennox carries her voice peacefully over the tracks & brings forth a great R&B feel that makes her stand out from her Dreamville label mates. Stream the tracks below & enjoy as we await her full project!


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