Earl Sweatshirt – “Nowhere2go” Single

Earl Sweatshirt – “Nowhere2go” Single

Yes. You read that title right. Earl Sweatshirt is back. After about a 3 year timespan of not releasing a new project, we awoke to his newest single “Nowhere2go“, a track that had been teased by Earl all throughout the week on social media. He had stated before on Twitter that this year has been the roughest of his life, and it shows in the lyrics of the song. The instrumental is very different from what I’ve heard Earl spit on before, but somehow he can always adapt to any beat thrown his way. He says all that was on his mind was death and if his time was next, but also says that he found a new way to cope with all this, which is great to hear. A lot of artists that struggle from depression are gone from this earth way too soon and I’m glad Earl is finding out ways to get help, and maybe his words can help you out too. Check out the single below and keep on the lookout for an album announcement coming hopefully soon.

Irene Guerrero

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