Tauvaa – “The Golden Wave”

Tauvaa – “The Golden Wave”

Long Beach artist Tauvaa makes his solo Rosecrans debut with his project “The Golden Wave” that opens with the soothing sounds of waves hitting the shore. The 14 track project contains features from artists Holland Izz, Kyle Splash, BobbyB, Qman, & Nevii. With a unique set of beats chosen for said project, each one helps aid the calm demeanor that Tauvaa’s vocals hold making for a smooth listen from start to finish.

Speaking on the subjects that most artists cover within their music, Tauvaa takes a more serene approach for it all. Something that is not unheard of more so is just what seems to be the unpopular way of being presented, especially with the ‘viral’ content of today’s music. Nonetheless, he simply takes the time to tell his story the way he sees fit; staying true to himself. As listeners are taken through his internal conflicts of life, love, & success, he vividly paints the pictures of each story through his lyrics. A great listen if one is in search of a small getaway, come take a walk on Tauvaa’s ‘Golden Wave.’

You can stream the project below as well as watch his visual for single “Asshole,” that gives a bit of insight to the demons that success may bring. Hope you enjoy!



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