Bas – “Fragrance” Feat. Correy C Music Video

Bas – “Fragrance” Feat. Correy C Music Video

The 3rd single to get a visual off his “Milky Way” album release, Bas hits the Avenue with “Fragrance” that features the one & only Correy C! Continuing to stand out within his visuals, Bas is seen chilling as the track begins. The track begins, “Yeah, yeah, Yeah.. Same story, Same hoe, Same thing, same clothes…” as he answers the door to the vocals of Correy C. A woman is seen perfuming herself & well, Bas seems to love the fragrance. As the pixel-photos disappear & appaear to change scenes, you’ll have to watch below to see how it all pans out.

Irene Guerrero

Twitter/Insta: @GigglesIrene "Makin' my wishes come true with no genie, man."

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