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Mani Coolin’ – “Here 4 Me Only” Album

Mani Coolin’ has released his “Here 4 Me Only” album & although music fans have been waiting ages for its release, he (& I) can assure you that it’s worth the wait. If one is familiar with the likes & style that Coolin’ delivers then one will recognize from the get-go the effort that has been put into the project. Known for putting together epic stories & pieces of himself through his flow & lyrics, listeners are taken through each track smoothly as Coolin’ paints vivid pictures & emotions of various experiences he’s gone through. With production from Ashton McCreight, Jay Kurzweil, Left Brain, Skinny MooXe, Lazy Bones, Josh Gray, KY, it’s clear that Coolin’ represents the West Coast yet still stands his ground as a unique artist that can’t be ‘boxed in’ within a certain sound or ‘wave.’ Not to be left out, nor wrongly categorized he also does well to put on for those around him as the project holds features from LA’s own Two Time, Niko G4, & KingxRiko. Simply put, Mani Coolin’ has undoubtedly taken his time to deliver a solid project that hip-hop fans should take the time to listen to, not just hear. Stream “Here 4 Me Only” below & on your favorite streaming sites.

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One comment on “Mani Coolin’ – “Here 4 Me Only” Album

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