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Poncho Belly & Dizzle (AD & Eric Bellinger) – “Text Me Back”

Eric Bellinger & AD otherwise known as Poncho Belly & Dizzle have released another single off their upcoming collab album titled “Nine” that is set to arrive tonight (Oct. 23rd). Communication is key when it comes to anything, & both artists are simply asking for a text back before the real fun begins. As life continues to change around them which includes their battery percentage, they wait for a simple reply. Stream “Text Me Back” below!

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One comment on “Poncho Belly & Dizzle (AD & Eric Bellinger) – “Text Me Back”

  1. […] have released their collab project titled “Nine” that contains released tracks “Text Me Back” & “Pullin Up“. The nine-track project contains smooth melodies that are […]

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