LowTheGREAT presents “The District” EP Narrated by Fresco DBFLYG

LowTheGREAT presents “The District” EP Narrated by Fresco DBFLYG

If one says they’re a fan of the LA rap scene & has yet to discover the fire sounds of LowTheGREAT all I can say is ‘Where have you been!?’ With quite a few viral hits that some of which are finally hitting mainstream radio (they’re a little late too, we know *shrugs*), a four-track EP with Crenshaw’s District Boyz member Fresco DBFLYG is light work.

The District EP that is narrated by Fresco opens with a news report of a time when Crenshaw High was on lockdown. A reality to many that grew up in certain neighborhoods, it’s a situation that is sure to impact individuals in many ways. Hence, Fresco’s bars on coming up on the block trying to get paid. As he covers topics of hustling, addiction, minding your own, & praising the big man upstairs; Fresco’s energy takes listeners down memory lane in his shoes. As he holds nothing back & brings forth a side that most would turn a blind eye to, the combination of these two creatives makes for a wonderful story & great listen. Tune in below!

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