1Take X Rucci – “The Winning Team” Mixtape

1Take X Rucci – “The Winning Team” Mixtape

The 1TakeBoyz team up with Rucci for an impeccable 14-track mixtape titled “The Winning Team”. They bring their unmatchable energy and put it all on the line in every track. With an array of jumping beats from talented producers including; Romo, MikeAlmighty, Mike Crook, Mikeyy2yz, Tio, RadioAktive, JabariOnnaTrack, and Zay Coronado. Not to mention features from some fellow emerging Los Angeles stars such as AzChike, AzSwaye, and Kalan.FrFr. This is an overall excellent offering and only excites us more for what these talented artists have to come. Listen to the tape below!


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