Holland Izz Releases “B4 DA IZZM”

Holland Izz Releases “B4 DA IZZM”

B4 Da Izzm” is the latest release from Holland Izz that showcases the unique voices that he carries throughout his rhyme skemes that makes him a stand out artist. With production from XL & R6SH, the 3-track project is fire as one can’t help but think “Oh damn!” as they listen.

The first track contains a guitar tone throughout that begins with Holland asking listeners to sit down & the beat truly kicks in. As his voice begins to take on different ranges, he’s the sauciest n*gga you done ever seen on “Two Tone Drip“.

Crisco” may be the catchiest out of the three tracks & contains numerous fire bars along with a feature from $treeb. As both artists speak on a few things they won’t tolerate in a relationship, they know that special girl gotta be as fire as their bars.

Closing out the mini project with a more serious tone on “Don’t Know“, Holland speaks a bit on his life stating that a lot of events aren’t new to him. Hence the line “Tell me something that I don’t know.. As it officially ends with a dramatic clip from the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ & as the door shuts, the project ends.

Listen & share your favorite tracks below! Be sure to tap & get to know Holland Izz by streaming our Rosecrans Radio interview with him here!

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