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#ITSMODELOTIME – A Peak Into The Lives Of Modelo Enthusiasts and Rap Collective DSO/8T3

DSO/8T3 are a rap collective from Southeast Los Angeles, CA. They’re also Modelo enthusiasts who banded together to create a banger for all of us to enjoy while we drink an ice cold imported beer when the clock strikes #ModeloTime. The video, shot by de-facto leader rapper/director DYSTOPIA is even more impressive, however. The group DSO/8T3 is comprised of DYSTOPIA, MISTAVUHSACE, GROOVEC, SAN JULIAN, CLASSIC MATT, QUICHOFILMS who have been releasing music and performing since 2016.

Let’s keep it a thousand though, you don’t want to like this but this shit is catchy as fuck. Once you get past the stigma of this technically being meme rap, you’re going to be yelling MONTEBELLO, in your head multiple times a day. The day you actually have a reason to say “MONTEBELLO” out loud when you fellows find the horny hoes they reference, or as you pass it on the 60 freeway will be an extremely satisfying one, I promise. The song is undoubtedly anthemic and will have you play it over and over because every rapper featured has a unique flow and spew bars like taps do beer.

Watch below.



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