Sahtyre Releases “CRYNOWDIELATER” Project

Sahtyre has released “CRYNOWDIELATER“, a nine-track project that includes his released single “Elon” along with two features from Ziggy & Trizz on track “Have Nots”. With production from Oddfuture’s Left Brain, Grammy award-winning Don Alfonso, & instrumentation from Burnin Giraph, the project contains a unique futuristic sound that one has (or should have already) heard on single “Elon”.

Although the project may seem short, it doesn’t lack in form of insight or lyricism. Giving listeners a perspective on where Sahtyre stands on a multitude of topics, he believes in the truth rather than the fake & believes on making his own history, ‘I don’t believe in fate’. A hard-hitting topic to cover, let alone open with on a project, but Sahtyre has always proven to be a standout creative in that way. Who are we to judge the way he chooses to believe & express himself?

As we move down to track “Shine On Em” he continues the topic of the fakeness that surrounds us on the daily, yet it’s a spark of confidence a loved one or even God himself instills in one that can push one to reach the stars. Although one should always be motivated, dollar signs could only be chased so long until all is lost forever.

Not wanting to give away too much on the project with my lamest terms, the project isn’t a listen it’s more of a worthy experience. As Sahtyre proves time & time again that the messages being sent out & fed to us through our daily lives are taking such a negative toll on us, it’s truly up to listeners to be themselves truly. As we continue our journey through this weird age of change, we must adapt for the most part but also continue to stay sane. Hoping this project helps with that task, stream it below & be sure to share your favorite tracks with us.

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