Fred Blaze – “The Kickdoor Major” EP

Fred Blaze – “The Kickdoor Major” EP

FredBlaze has released “The Kickdoor Major“, a 3 track EP with production that embodies West Coast from classic samples to today’s sound that will have fans turnt up at any function. Producers DJ Moon Beats, ChillOutMar, & Too Raw are the ones to thank who have provided the great layout for Blaze. As his flow speed changes a bit from “Shit Talker” to “Buss Hoes Pt. 3” (Here are parts one & two: ‘Buss Hoes‘, ‘Buss Hoes Pt. 2‘), he’s proud to say he hasn’t taken any handouts & knows it isn’t in him to switch up on the streets. Listen & share your favorite tracks below!

Irene Guerrero

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