Feefa – “Lo Bueno/Dead or Alive” Music Video

Feefa – “Lo Bueno/Dead or Alive” Music Video

Feefa hits the Avenue with a mini-double feature of his visual Lo Bueno/Dead or Alive that gives listeners a look into one of the rappers’ past hustles. As a few beautiful ladies are seen enjoying themselves with his boss, Feefa comes into view as he easily juggles working & his flow. Delivering a solid verse in Spanish speaking on the process of finding success, it’s captioned with English subtitles for all to easily understand & relate to. As things take a slight turn for what seems like the worst, the beat changes & the bass comes in heavy as Feefa takes over. Comenzando, he’s just getting started & with his creativeness & work ethic there is no denying dead or alive, he’s going to get it regardless. Watch the visual below!

Irene Guerrero

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