Kee Riche$ – “Raised Off Rosecrans”

Kee Riche$ – “Raised Off Rosecrans”

Compton’s Kee Riche$ returns with his second full-length project of 2018, “Raised Off Rosecrans”. This is following “Get Rich 2” which was released earlier this year. The 13-track project is an all-around impressive showcase of his versatility. It is a project focused on remembering the past and living in the present. Everything from the good memories to the bad is addressed. Executively produced by JR with guest production from JHawk, Romo, Taj, Zay Coronado, Jsol, and Kkelz. The beats range from a variety of different sounds all fitting to the style Kee chooses to employ within each track. He taps in with some fellow worthy emcees for the project with features from Mari Ruger, Von Don, Lil Deucey, BossMann, Rucci, and Prince Kofi. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work went into the creation and perfecting of this body of work.

The approach throughout the 13 tracks never stays the same, he tackles multiple styles giving each track a different meaning. The first track “14402”, he comes right out displaying his energetic flow over a jumping old school R&B sample centered beat. The next track “Raised Off Rosecrans” is a much more emotional and somber delivery.  Which ultimately are the two main vibes given over the project’s duration. He switches back and forth from the high energy verses to deeper and reminiscent deliveries. Although these are the two categories that are mainly executed, no two tracks have a similar sound. Each one is unique in its own way and showcases a different ability that he possesses. He displays that he can do anything; club songs, songs to ride to, songs for the ladies, songs that work your mind or make you reminisce. He tackles every angle and does so with ease, this shows that he can appeal to an array of different audiences while still being able to get his point across.

This is some of his best work to date, that’s for sure. Both “Get Rich” projects were great as well, but you can truly see the progression on “Raised Off Rosecrans”. Kee Riche$ has solidified his capability to deliver high-caliber projects. The way he successfully invokes to all of his fans in the duration of 13 tracks is mind blowing. Any listener can sit back and become interested in what he has to say. You can truly feel the mindset behind each track and that’s what makes the project so genuine.


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