Earl Swavey – “Trained To Kill” Album

Earl Swavey – “Trained To Kill” Album

Trained to Kill” is the latest release from artist Earl Swavey that contains an epic West Coast sound in 15 tracks that has no skips. Setting the tone for the album with his opening track “Freestyle”, listeners are greeted with Swavey’s catchy flow & amazing storytelling elements. Within his tracks, he paints vivid pictures of his past & current life experiences, from life lessons to the fun that may arise he’s unapologetically transparent.

With features from NuttyBoy6200, Yhung T.O. (SOB x RBE), Vonnie, Rob Vicious (Shoreline Mafia), & TinyE, each artist adds their own perspective alongside the theme that Swavey speaks on. From the struggles, gang life, & trapping; nobody is exempt from being called out & put in their place. With production from Low the Great, Ron-Ron, Paupa, & DJ Banks to name a few, the project plays into the persona that Swavey carries for himself. With his unique tone & versatile ways of taming any beat, it’s a must listen. Stream it below!

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